Perfection of every detail

With many years of experience as a carpenter and designer, MTM Herman has the knowledge and expertise to help you maximise every nook and cranny of your house to create discrete and useful bespoke cupboards in awkward corners. From neat little items under the stairs to statement cupboard solutions in your bedroom, every project is original and amazes with perfection of every detail.

Pick your size and style

There are virtually no limits! Bespoke furniture means complete freedom of styles, sizes, forms and colours. You decide whether you want to go with the most traditional ideas, stylised Victorian cupboard or contemporary, the most original vision. We make sure it is completed in accordance with your expectations and from the best materials.

We are always open to your suggestions, thus do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We will always try and complete even the most unusual, pioneering forms – all to make your interiors look amazing.

Simple solution to your spatial problem

London flats usually offer quite limited space for all of your books, CDs, magazines and other items. Which is why an increasing number of people want to make use of that tiny little corner in the bedroom, or that empty space near the window, to store their belongings.

At MTM Herman we have prepared a number of such bespoke cupboards, which now seem to be an inseparable elements of the interior... and you get additional room for that new book you were meaning to buy for a long time.

Get a free quotation!

Invest in bespoke cupboards today

They are easier to get than you think! Just provide us with the details of your vision, spatial possibilities and potential problems with the project and we will do the rest. After a free consultation and quotation, our designer will bring your ideas to life.

In the meantime you can check out the examples of our work. Although remember, that it is just a small, tiny portion of our work. Every day we come up with new ideas and complete stunning projects for another London customer.

See our services!

  • Fitted furniture

    Every house deserves a design that reflect the taste of its owners. Take a look at our fitted furniture offer. Let us know what you’d like, and we’ll make it a reality.


    Nothing says class like a unique, bespoke wardrobe. Designed to contain just as many clothes as you require, our wardrobes are unparalleled in quality.


    A well-crafted cupboard can come a long way in making your kitchen a better place to work in. With our help, you can achieve just that.


    With a fitted kitchen, nothing is impossible. Feel like a professional chef with every inch of the room being adjusted exactly as you need them.

  • Shelves

    Contain all your objects in an orderly, easy to reach way with bespoke shelves. We offer the best shelves on the market, all of them made according to the wishes of our clients.

    Office furniture

    Make your office an efficient workplace by implementing unique, bespoke furniture. At MTM, we only use the highest quality materials, so you know you’re investing in something worthwhile.

    Other furniture

    For all your domestic furniture needs, we are here for you. MTM offers bespoke furniture services of all kinds.

    Bespoke alcove

    If you’re looking for an elegant, practical way to utilise your home space, we offer bespoke alcoves, designed specifically for your home.

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