1.How many types of sash windows do you offer?
We sell many different kinds of sash windows, all spiral and balanced and of course perfectly adjusted to your needs.

2. How do I know if the sash windows will fit to my property?
Our professional team e will come to your place and measure everything to make sure the sizes are correct.

3. Can I choose the glass for my windows?
Of course! Will show you all the options and advise you on the best choice for your home.

4. Softwood or hardwood - what is the difference between those two kinds of wood?
  Generally, hardwood comes from a deciduous tree that loses its leaves annually, and softwood comes from a conifer, which usually remains evergreen.

5. Do you provide you Clients with ironmongery as well?
Yes, we have an established relationship with redisills.co.uk so our ironmongery has the best quality possible.

6. Do you also produce doors?
We offer not only the best quality windows, but also doors of many different kinds.

7. I’m thinking about casement windows. Do you sell this kind of windows, too?
We provide our Customers with a wide range of casement windows as well.

8. Do you renovate historic windows?
If you live in a period property out talented specialist will be happy to help you with renovation.

9. Do you draught proof windows?
We provide a wide range of services including professional draught proofing of windows.

10. I’m not sure which doors should I choose – bi-folding or French.
We are always doing everything to meet our Clients’ needs and expectations. We are happy to use our experience and help you decide which doors are perfect for you.

11. Do you produce bespoke furniture?
Every Client had individual needs and we can easily tailor your furniture so that it will meet all of them.

12. Do you produce only big pieces of furniture or small, too?
It doesn’t matter if you want an entire personalized kitchen or just a wardrobe. MTM HERMAN will create everything you need.

13. Are your designs original?
Yes, they are. All of our designs are genuine and unique.

14. Can you transport furniture to my home?
We always take care of transport so you don’t have to worry.

15. Do you offer insulated glass?
We provide our Customers with different kinds of glass, including glass that prevents a heat loss.

We hope you find answers to your questions! Now have a look at our range of products and services!

  • Fitted furniture

    Every house deserves a design that reflect the taste of its owners. Take a look at our fitted furniture offer. Let us know what you’d like, and we’ll make it a reality.


    Nothing says class like a unique, bespoke wardrobe. Designed to contain just as many clothes as you require, our wardrobes are unparalleled in quality.


    A well-crafted cupboard can come a long way in making your kitchen a better place to work in. With our help, you can achieve just that.


    With a fitted kitchen, nothing is impossible. Feel like a professional chef with every inch of the room being adjusted exactly as you need them.

  • Shelves

    Contain all your objects in an orderly, easy to reach way with bespoke shelves. We offer the best shelves on the market, all of them made according to the wishes of our clients.

    Office furniture

    Make your office an efficient workplace by implementing unique, bespoke furniture. At MTM, we only use the highest quality materials, so you know you’re investing in something worthwhile.

    Other furniture

    For all your domestic furniture needs, we are here for you. MTM offers bespoke furniture services of all kinds.

    Bespoke alcove

    If you’re looking for an elegant, practical way to utilise your home space, we offer bespoke alcoves, designed specifically for your home.

  • Draught proof windows

    Utilising the newest window crafting technologies, we can create windows that are more than simply weather and temperature-resistant. Check out our draught-proof windows and see for yourself how big a difference they can make.

    Bi-folding doors

    Want to keep your garden connected to your home while maintaining a sound barrier from the elements? You’d be hard pressed to find a solution that’s better than our bi-folding doors.

    French doors

    For a stylish look that also provides your home with plenty of natural light, give our French doors a chance. Our robust portfolio is bound to have something you’ll like.

    Front doors

    A front door is like a face for your home – it’s the first thing your friends are acquainted with. So make sure that face is a beautiful one with our marvellous selection of front doors.

  • Glass solutions

    Utilising the latest technological advancements, we can provide you with a plethora of innovative glass solutions for your doors and windows.

    Sash windows

    A ubiquitous classic, sash windows remain the most popular type of window in the UK, and for good reason! Take a look at our selection and find out for yourself that we offer the best sash windows on the market.

    Casement windows

    Looking for a window that will give your home that homey, rustic air? Look no further than casement windows. As one of the UK’s leading window and door manufacturers, we provide an excellent selection of casement windows.

    Windows renovation

    Need to refresh your windows? Is the pain peeling off, or perhaps you have issues with the mechanisms? We offer window renovation services for all your renovation-related needs.

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