Throughout the years sash windows have become an essential part of many houses in England. What kind of history lies beneath sash windows?It is said that the sash windows have originated from many different part of Europe. As it might be true there is no doubt that English designers played an important part in the development of this type of windows.One of the earliest versions of sash windows dated back to 16th century. They used to be glazed and horizontally sliding at that time.

The next important step in the history of sash windows was an introduction of the timber sashes in 17th century. During the Gregorian period sash windows became very popular. They usually had six or even eight panes with incredibly big glazing bars and small panes because of the poor quality of glass sizes.The Victorian was the period where many things related to sash windows changed due to the improvement of the technology. First of all, much larger and more advanced glass was developed. It visibly reduced the amount of glazing of the bars so that they started looking thin and slender.It was the beginning of a visual dominance of sash window – they grew even more in the Edwardian era, finally leading to the point where the most popular style were windows from floor to ceiling.

Sash horns were introduced after 1850. This time is also known for the blooming of stained glass, which was often used in the upper sash.In the 21st century most of the English original box sash windows have been lost – demolition and modern replacement are to blame. If you value the timeless class and style of sash windows, we are happy to offer our expertise and knowledge in a process of renovation, restoration and draught proofing.

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