Every once in a while, your windows will require renovation. A broken pane of glass, a rusty hinge, or some paint peeling off are just some of the ways in which windows can require maintenance. Luckily for you, MTM Herman offers quality renovation services for all your window needs. Our friendly staff will take care of all your needs and your window will be good as new in no time at all!

Regulations sometimes change and you may be required to replace or renovate your old windows in order to maintain the authentic feeling of your property. We are aware of all such regulations, meaning you can trust us to know how to go about the process.

What our customers say about us?

  1. Your window is removed in a careful manner. The openings are temporarily glazed with 4mm clear float glass.
  2. The windows themselves are then taken to our headquarters where we carefully deglaze and inspect them to determine the extent of the renovation.
  3. The frames are taken care of next. Any damaged fragments are replaced and other additional cosmetic changes also take place at this stage.
  4. If your window contains any metal elements, they will be cleaned and polished to bring back their intended lustre.
  5. Once the windows have been checked and confirmed to work properly, they are then primed to prevent any more deterioration in the future.
  6. We then cover the window with a proper finish, to further prevent future need for renovation.
  7. Next, we cut glazing for the newly refurbished window from your existing glass or new glass, if necessary.
  8. The final step – the installation team returns to your property to remove all the temporary glazing and replace it with your refurbished window.

See our services!

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    Windows renovation

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